Conference on Theoretical and Applied Computer
Science (TACS'10)

Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK
November 5, 2010

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Conference Proceedings
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Memory Integrity Verification Speedup Using Separated L2 Hash Cache   (Pages: 1- 6)

Ying Xiong and Sohum Sohoni

Hybrid system of reinforcement learning and flocking control in multi-robot domain (Pages 7- 13)

Hung Manh La, Ronny Lim, and Weihua Sheng

Markov Prediction Scheme for Cache Prefetching (Pages: 14- 19)

Pranav Pathak, Mehedi Sarwar and Sohum Sohoni

Recursive Information Hiding in Visual Cryptography (Pages: 20- 25)

Sandeep Katta

Cluster Based Key Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
(Pages: 26- 30)

Anvesh Aileni

Learning Computational Thinking from Rapid Digital Game Creation
(Pages: 31- 35)

Praveen Kuruvada, Daniel Asamoah, Nikunj Dalal and Subhash Kak

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Author/s name, Paper title, In Proceedings of 2nd Annual Conference on Theoretical and Applied Computer Science (TACS’10), pages xx-xx, November 2010, Stillwater, OK.