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The Computer Science Department at Oklahoma State University was founded 1969 with the name Computing and Information Sciences (CIS). In 1989, the department changed its name to the Computer Science (CS) Department. Our MS program was approved in 1968, and our PhD program was approved in 1981.

The department offers degree programs leading to Master of Science (M.S.) and to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degrees. These programs are designed to prepare students for careers in academic, industrial, or government settings. These programs include a number of core courses as well as a rich selection of courses in specialized areas. The Ph.D. Degree requires the completion of a Doctoral Dissertation. The MS degree program provides two options: Thesis and Non-Thesis. The Thesis option requires the completion of a Master of Science Thesis and the Non-Thesis option requires some additional course work as well as the completion of a Master of Science Report.

The core courses give students the necesary foundational breadth of Computer Science knowledge. The rich selection of specialized courses and the required research (Doctoral Dissertation, Master of Science Thesis, or Master of Science Report) afford the students the depth of knowledge that they would need in the area of their choosing for further independent investigation.

For a master's degree in the thesis option, 30 hours of graduate credit, including a six-credit-hour thesis, are required. For a master's degree in the non-thesis option, 36 hours of graduate credit, including a two credit-hour report, are required. A master's degree student is required to pass an oral examination over the thesis or the report. The GRE general test is required for all master's applicants. Applicants for the thesis option must specify 1-3 interest areas.

For the PhD, 60 credit hours beyond a master's degree or 90 hours beyond a bachelor's degree are required. A dissertation of 15 to 40 hours (counting towards the maximum) is required. The PhD dissertation must describe original research. PhD students must pass (at an appropriate level) a diagnostic examination, a comprehensive examination, a qualifying examination, and a final oral examination. In general, both academic and industrial positions exist for each PhD graduates.

Details of the Master's program and requirements can be found at:

Master's Degree

A dissertation is required for the Ph.D. degree.
For details of the Ph.D. degree program refer to the web site:

Ph.D. Degree

Ph.D. admission applications have a hard deadline of March 1 for fall enrollment and August 1 for spring enrollment; M.S. admission applicants have a hard deadline of May 1 for fall enrollment and September 1 for spring enrollment. All applications will be evaluated following these deadlines.

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