Jongyeop Kim

Ph.D. Student

Computer Science Department

Oklahoma State University

MSCS 224


< Research Interest >

My research interests are in Big Data Analytics, NoSQL Database, Performance Optimization.

Advisor : prof. K.M George

< Education >

2012 - Present Oklahoma State University

2007-2009 Oklahoma State University - Master of Computer Science

1993~1997 Korea National Open University - Bachelor of Computer Science.

< Teaching Experience >

Summer 2015: Hanyang University in South Korea, International Summer School, C++ Programming, Instructor.

Summer 2014, Summer 2015 Hanyang University in South Korea, International Summer School, Java Programming, Instructor.

Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014,Spring 2015: Oklahoma State University, CS2351 Unix Programming Instructor.

Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Spring 2012, Spring 2013: CS1113, Teaching Assistant.

Spring 2012: CS5433,Distributed Database system, Teaching Assistant.


Jongyeop Kim and Nohpill Park. "Identifiation of the Optimal Hadoop Configuration Parameter sets for MapReduce Computing", 3rd International Conference on Applied Computing & Information Technology(ACIT2015).

Jongyeop Kim, Ashwin Kumar T K, K M George and Nohpill Park, "Performance Evaluation and Tuning for MapReduce Computing in Hadoop Distributed File System. " 2015 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics(INDIN 2015).

Ashwin Kumar T.K., Jongyeop Kim, K.M. George, and Nohpill Park. "Dynamic Data Rebalancing in Hadoop", ACIS International Journal of Computer & Information Science Vol. 15, Number 1, June 2014

Kumar, T. K., Jongyeop Kim, K. M. George, and Nohpill Park. "Dynamic data rebalancing in Hadoop." In Computer and Information Science (ICIS), 2014 IEEE/ACIS 13th International Conference on, pp. 315-320. IEEE, 2014.

<Professional Appointments>

1988 - 2011       Military Manpower Administration      Daejun, Korea
Officer, Information Management Division

<Major Projects>