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Current address:

G. E. Hedrick
Computer Science Department , MSCS 231
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078-1053

Office: 231 Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Building (SWO) and North Hall 369A (TUL)
Telephone: (405)744-6289 (SWO), (918)594-8448 (TUL)
FAX: (405)744-9097
E-mail: ghedrick@acm.org

Brief narrative:

The picture above is a caricature of Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton, a famous U.S. Marshall from the Oklahoma and Indian Territories. He is the OKIE State mascot. I am not in the picture above.

I have been a faculty member in the Computer Science Department at Oklahoma State University since 1970 except for brief periods spent at other universities. For my professional history, please see my brief (without publications) resume'.

In response to many on the net, I do have a life beyond my profession.

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Current Teaching Schedule

, Social Issues in the Computing Sciences
On Line Only

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Research interests

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Past contracts, grants, and projects

Aalborg Business College Contract
Internet/Intranet studies

American Small Business Computers Contract
Research agreement

Amoco, Inc. Grant
1. Support of undergraduate research and education (Undergraduate scholarship awards)
2. Support of doctoral level research and education (5 doctoral fellowships)
3. Equipment (workstations) to support software engineering.

AT & T Grant
1. Equipment Grant (30 UNIX based computers)
2. Equipment Grant (2 large scale, 2 medium scale UNIX based computers)

Conoco, Inc. Contract/Grant
1. Corporate networking feasibility study
2. Fast graphical representation of seismic data
3. Operating systems tuning
4. A computational model of a corporate data center
5. Forecasting computer usage at a corporate data center
6. Support of undergraduate and graduate research and education (Financial Assistance to Education (FATE))
7. Support (M.S. Fellowships) for minority graduate students

NSF Grant
1. A study of transput in ALGOL 68
REU Site in Computer Science

NSF Participation Grant
1. Proof of program correctness (University of New Mexico)
2. Spelling correction in information retrieval (University of Missouri at Columbia)

OSU Foundation (Grantor requests anonymity)
Support of doctoral research and education (doctoral fellowship)

Phillips Foundation Grant
Support for minority M.S. students

Sequent, Inc. Contract/Grant
1. Equipment grant (90% of a 24 processor medium scale computer)
2. Software development and exchange
3. Equipment grant (22 X-terminals)

State of Oklahoma (Dept. of Environmental Quality) Contract
1. Water pollution database
2. Effluent dispersion database
3. Water resource database

State of Oklahoma Grant
1. An ALGOL 68 compiler
2. Context conditions in a procedural language
3. Coroutine programming
4. Graphical presentation using cubic splines
5. A study of ambiguity in SGML
6. Data compression using file partitioning
7. The algebra of FP

TMS, Inc. Contract
1. Computer science research
2. A program generator
3. Software development

USAF Contract
The SPIN project (Single Point Index Network)

U.S. Department of Education Grant
1. Bridge program for computer science
2. Support of minority undergraduate students planning graduate degrees

U.S. Department of Energy Contract
1. Mathematical analysis of mass spectrometry data
2. A computer network for gas chromatograph and mass spectrometry data analysis
3. Mass spectrometry/computational interface

More research titles to be inserted

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Selected publications

Click here for a publication list.

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Miscellaneous information

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