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About me

I am a PHD student in the Computer Science department at Oklahoma State University, where I started studying in the Fall semester of 2013. I am honored to have Dr. Eric Chantin as my advisor, and am researching computer security and cryptography.

I got my BS in Mathematics at the University of Tennessee, where I worked with some great professors. In July 2011, I started work as an EMT-IV and in October, 2012, I travelled to Ningde, China, where I taught English to some awesome college Freshmen for the school year.


In the Spring 2017 semester

I'm currently teaching CS 3653 - Discrete Mathematics.
Office hours: 3p - 5p on Fridays, but you can also send me an email or stop by my office anytime I'm in.

I'm also doing independent study with Dr. Chan-tin and studying Numerical Computation with Dr. George.

Contact Information

My office: MSCS 227
Email: farcasi at cs.okstate.edu