Esra Akbas

Assistant Professor at
Computer Science
Oklahoma State University



I am looking for motivated master and PhD students to work with me in the research areas below. If you are interested, please apply department graduate program and send me email including your resume.


I am currently an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Oklahoma State University.

My research interests are broadly in data mining and machine learning using large-scale datasets. Specifically, my recent work focuses on graph mining and social network analysis, applied machine learning.

I got my Phd in the Computer Science from Florida State University in 2017 under the guidance of Dr. Peixiang Zhao on community detection and search problems. I recieved my MS in 2010 from Bilkent University under the guidance of Dr. Hakan Ferhatosmanoglu on the aspect based opinion mining on Turkish tweets.

Here is my resume







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