Computer Graphics (CS 4143), Summer 2015

University of Information Technology (UIT), Vietnam

July 6 - August 8, 2015

Lecture: TRS 8:30 - 11:30 AM, Room A106

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Teaching Assistants


Course Objectives

This class covers both computer graphics theory and practical programming using OpenGL. The theory part of the class will follow chapters 1-12 of the Shirley book. Theoretical topics include:

We will be doing the programming assignments in WebGL, which uses Javascript as the interfacing language, and GLSL as the shading language. Practical topics include:


Homework Keys

Shaders from Dr. Cline

Program 1 submissions

Program 2 submissions

Grade Breakdown

Tentative Schedule

Readings beginning with an “s” indicate the Shirley book. Readings beginning
with a “p” indicate the Parisi book.

Date Reading Topics Assignments
7/7/15 s2 Points, Vectors, Colors
s2 Interpolation and Triangles
p2 HTML5, Javascript, WebGL Basics
9/7/15 s3 Raster Images
Javascript and WebGL
GLSL (Shaders) (H) Vectors, Normals and Triangles
11/7/15 s4 Ray Tracing
s4, s13 Ray Object Intersection
Lighting Models (P) First Shaders
14/7/15 s5 Matrices
s6 Transforms
Ray tracing in shaders (basicVertexShader.vs, rayTracer1.fs) (H) Ray Tracing
16/7/15 s7 Viewing
s7 Perspective
Ray tracing work session (P) Ray Tracer Elements
18/7/15 Math review
p3 Javascript and Three.js
p3 Three.js (basicObjectLoader.html) (H) Matrices and Transforms
21/7/15 s8 Graphics pipeline in theory
p4 Rendering in Three.js
p4 Rendering in Three.js (P) Javascript Model Viewer
23/7/15 s10 Traditional Shading
s11 Texture Mapping
Advanced Shading
25/7/15 s12 Data structures for graphics
Multipass effects
s17 Animation techniques (H) Graphics Pipeline and Shading
28/7/15 p5 Animation in Three.js
p8 3D content pipeline
Final review, Math sheet (P) Advanced Shading
30/7/15 Practice Final
3/8/15 (T) Final Exam
3/9/15 Multipass Work session (P) Multipass Effects