Artificial Intelligence (CS 4793), Summer 2016

University of Information Technology (UIT), Vietnam

July 12 - August 4, 2016

Lecture: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 8:00-11:00 AM

Room: E3.3


Teaching Assistants


Course Objectives

This class covers topics in Artificial Intelligence, including Search strategies, Reasoning with uncertain knowledge, Learning from data, Control systems, and Robotics. Some of the topics we will cover are:


Homeworks assignments:


Grade Breakdown

Lecture Notes



Example code

keys and tests

Tentative Schedule

Date Reading (AIMA) Topics Assignments
July 12 [Preliminaries, Recursion]
[Permutations, Combinations]
3.1-3.4 [Search problems]
July 14 3.4 [Uninformed search]
3.5 [A* search]
3.6 [Local search] (H1:ch3)
July 16 4.1-4.2 [Local search]
4.3 [Nondeterminism] (H2:ch3)
4.4-4.5 [Online search] (P1:Combinations)
July 19 5.1-5.2 [Adversarial games]
5.3-5.6 [Alpha-Beta pruning]
Sliding puzzle code (H3:ch4)
July 21 10.1 [Classical Planning]
10.2 [POP and Planning Graphs]
Math dice work session (H4:ch5)
July 23 21.1-21.3 [Reinforcement learning]
21.4-21.6 [Active reinforcement learning]
25.1-25.3 [Robot perception] (P2:Math dice)
July 26 25.4-25.6 [Robot movement, controllers]
Pendulum controller
Midterm Review (H5:ch10)
July 28 (T) Midterm Exam
July 30 13.1-13.3 [Probability and inference]
13.4-13.5 [Bayes’ rule]
18 [Decision Trees]
Aug 2 18.1-18.3 [Learning from examples]
18.4-18.6 [Statistical Models]
Robot work session (H7:ch18,13)
Aug 4 18.7-18.9 [Neural Networks] (H6:ch21,25)
14.1-14.2 Bayesian Networks
Final Review (P3:Blocks world)
Aug 5 (T) Final Exam