Sadiq Albuhamood

2707 N Running Bear St Stillwater Ok 74075, (405)600-5431,

Targeting programming/teaching programming Positions


OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY – Stillwater, OK, Degree expected on 31/08/2017

Ph.D in Computer Science  l  Current GPA: 3.7/4.0


OKLAHOMA CITY UNIVERSITY – Oklahoma City, OK, Earned the degree on 12/14/2012

Master in Computer Science with a concentration on Database Systems l     GPA: 3.75/4.0


OKLAHOMA CITY UNIVERSITY – Oklahoma City, OK, Earned the degree on 12/17/2010

Bachelors in Computer Science  l  GPA: 3.3/4.0


COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY –Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Earned the degree on 09/27/2003

Associated degree on computer technology-technical support  l  GPA: 3.4/5.0




   I.        King Abdul Aziz Hospital – Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

Computer Technician (2004 to 2006)

Job Description/duties:

1.    Troubleshooting problems related with the network failure.

2.    Deploying new PC’s and configuring them to the organization standard. 

3.    Upgrading systems. 

4.    Replacing hardware.

5.    Installing and updating software.

6.    Dealing with viruses. 

7.    Maintaining the network and expanding it to include new PC’s.

8.    Managing printers, replacing toners and removing paper jams.

9.    Resetting passwords for the Alpha system. It is a medical system based on UNIX.

10. Solving queue stock jobs in the Alpha system.


Promoted to Computer Operator (2006 to 2008)

Job Description/duties:

This position is designed for senior technician; it has the same duties as the computer technician and in addition to that:

1.    I was a consultant for new technicians.

2.    I had to train, guide and supervise new technicians.

3.    Whenever a problem arises and technician can’t solve it. I supposed to fix it.


 II.        2008 – 2012, full time student at Oklahoma City university doing the bachelor and master degrees.


III.        2013-2017 , full time student at Oklahoma State University doing the Ph.D degree and held few positions as part time teaching assistant

a.    Fall 2014 , Teaching assistant for Introduction to Java

b.    Spring 2015, Teaching Assistant for Office 2013 lab.

c.    Fall 2015 , Teaching Assistant for introduction to C/C++

d.    Spring 2016 , Teaching Assistant for introduction to Programming Languages

e.    Fall 2016, instructor for Unix Programming Language


Technology Summary




Windows platforms , Mac OS , UNIX


Oracle , SQL lite


Java ,C, C++,  C#, Matlab , UNIX , SQL, PL/SQL , HTML,


Oracle Forms, NetBeans  , MS Office, Visual Studio, Unity 3D


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