Computer Science

Undergraduate Program

Computers are an integral part of our daily lives. The personal computer and the Internet have made computers available to almost everyone. There are two important parts to a computer. One is the hardware-the computer itself, the monitor, keyboard, and printer. The second part is the software; these are the written series of instructions called the computer program. A computer cannot run without these instructions. The Computer Science undergraduate degree gives you the background to learn programming and computing skills to prepare you for this second area.

Most jobs in the computer science area require significant knowledge and proficiency in mathematics. Other traits are thinking logically, persistence, and enjoying exacting, analytical work. Computer Science is an exciting and continually changing field. This means continually updating skills and knowledge. Employers are looking for graduates who are technically competent in computer science, who have good communication skills, and who work well in teams.

Computer Science is offered in the College of Arts and Sciences. Most of the required computer classes require programming assignments and projects using languages such as JAVA, UNIX, C and C++.

All varieties of companies, both large and small, are looking for employees with computer skills. Computing skills can be combined with other interest areas such as business, natural or social sciences, math, or statistics. The main types of companies that hire computer science graduates include: software manufactures, hardware manufacturers, telecommunications, oil and gas, retail, health, research, transportation, accounting, government, education, electrical, and many others.

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