Computer Science

Technical Support

OSU Computer Science provides technical support to users accessing the department server or using the laboratories and seminar rooms. Support ranges from support logging on to any technical question in the use of department equipment or a request for a resource.

The general form to request help is the system support page. When writing provide the room, machine, problem or request, and any screen information provided. This is the most effective way to convey a technical question or problem since the request is seen by multiple people, and technical data such as what message was seen at the time of the problem is easier to document in writing. If you need help logging on to the CSX servers for the first time, we provide some online documentation, as well as answers to several technical FAQs.

If support about any other rooms or machines outside the department is desired, email the OSU ITD helpdesk:

If Microsoft software either for Windows or Mac Apple is required, the Microsoft OnTheHub link in the Resources menu will provide downloads through the OSU/Microsoft Campus Agreement. Faculty will email students with ID and Password for this site.

The University, through ITD, offers Microsoft and other software for both Microsoft and Apple; OSU ITD Software Distribution can help. Just login in with the O-Key ID and Password.

The department has a number of facilities. They may be reviewed on the Facilities page.

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