Computer Science

Contribute to the Computer Science Department

Where We Are:

The Computer Science Department's Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctoral programs educate students and equip them with the knowledge, interest, and ethics to become productive members of the computing profession. The graduate programs also strive for excellence in graduate student research by pursuing to extend the present state of knowledge in the computing field and publicizing the research results. Based on the Spring 2013 enrollment data, current enrollment in our undergraduate program exceeds 170 and we have 100 graduate students at the M.S. and Ph.D. levels.

Financial Support Needed for Graduate Programs:

Our Ph.D. students are supported by graduate student teaching and research assistantships. Our faculty work hard to obtain external funding to support our graduate students through graduate research assistantships. The Department's resources are not sufficient to support all of our graduate students and their research. We need contributions to supplement departmental funds in supporting our M.S. and Ph.D. students.

Financial Support Needed for Endowed Chairs:

To support undergraduate and especially graduate education, the Department also needs to recruit new faculty to strengthen the research areas of the Department. This requires the establishment of endowed chair positions to attract high quality faculty to the Department. Consequently, we also need to raise funds for the establishment of endowed chairs.

What Your Gifts Will Support:

Your donations will help the Computer Science Department programs that are critical to the success of graduate as well as undergraduate education. Your contributions will help to increase scholarship and fellowship support to students and to enhance our research facilities. Your contributions will also improve the quality of departmental research, which shall help enhance the reputation of the department through scholarly publications. Your generosity will increase the chances of our students in fully realizing their potential.

Gifts can be given through the OSU Foundation's online giving site via credit cards or EFT (electronic funds transfer).

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