Computer Science

Facilities Committee

Your Facility
Your Facility

The primary purpose of all Computer Science Department facilities is faculty research and assigned student course work. Any other use is secondary and subject to review by the department's Facilities Committee.

Use of these facilities must adhere to all Federal/State statutes and the policies of Oklahoma State University and the Computer Science Department. Explicitly prohibited are activities which in any way try to gain, maintain, or collect information for unauthorized access, or any activities for personal or corporate profit.

Facilities Committee

Dr. Eric Chan-Tin - Chair
Office: 229 MSCS
(405) 744-5273

Dr. Chris Crick
Office: 213 MSCS
(405) 744-5673

Dr. Nohpill Park
Office: 211 MSCS
(405) 744-7937

Also see Policies and Procedures for related OSU/ITD policies.