Computer Science

Minoring in CS

The Computer Science minor consists of 21 hours total. These are the following courses that can be applied to the minor:


9 Hours From:

CS 1113 (was 2113), 2133, 3443 (or ENSC 3213 or ECEN 3213) are all required.

12 Hours From:

Current and past CS courses in the official OSU catalog except CS 1003 and CS 1013.

One course must be 4000 level and no grade below a "C". No more than two courses can be transferred from another college or university.

A student who is interested in completing a minor in Computer Science should email the undergraduate advisor the semester he or she plans on graduating. The student's coursework and grades will be verified and the advisor will submit the minor application to the College of Arts and Sciences for approval and forwarding to the Registrar's Office. Upon completion of the student's major degree, the Registrar will post the CS minor to the student's transcript.

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