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Bachelor Degree

Oklahoma State University

(Located at Stillwater and Tulsa Campuses)

Computers are an integral part of our daily lives. The personal computer and the Internet have made computers available to almost everyone. It would be difficult to think about a world without computers today.

There are two important parts to a computer. One is the hardware-the computer itself, the monitor, keyboard, and printer. The second part is the software-these are the written series of instructions called the computer program. A computer cannot run without these instructions. The Computer Science degree gives you the background to learn programming and computing skills to prepare you for this second area.

Most jobs in the computer science area require a proficiency in mathematics. Other traits are thinking logically, persistence, and enjoying exacting, analytical work. Computer Science is an exciting and continually changing field. This means continually updating skills and knowledge. Employers are looking for graduates who are technically competent in computer science, who have good communication skills, and who work well with others.

Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for computer scientists, computer engineers, and system analysts are expected to grow faster than the average occupations over the next several years. As technology becomes more sophisticated, organizations will need to adopt and integrate these technologies. As a result, employment of computing professionals is expected to increase rapidly, with many advancement opportunities for those working in the field.

All varieties of companies, both large and small, are looking for employees with computer skills. Computing skills can be combined with other interest areas such as business, natural or social sciences, math, or statistics. The main types of companies that hire computer science graduates include: software manufactures, hardware manufacturers, telecommunications, oil and gas, retail, health, research, transportation, accounting, government, education, electrical, and many others.

Career Opportunities

The jobs that are available are varied and each company has different job titles and needs. However, a list of the most frequently used job titles are:

Applications Programmer - Scientific or Business
Computer Programmer
Systems Programmer
Systems Analyst
Software Engineer
Computer Graphics
Communication and Network Specialists
Database Programmer
Security Specialist
Technical Writer
Multimedia Programmers and Specialists
End User Training and Support
Webmasters and Web Designers

Graduate Programs

The Computer Science Department also offers a Master's degree and a Ph.D. degree in Stillwater and OSU-Tulsa.

More Information Related to the Bachelor's Degree

Related occupations:

Computer engineering graduates focus on the design of computer hardware and peripheral devices.

Computer information systems (MIS or CIS) graduates focus on the application of computers in a business environment. These professionals are the people who put equipment and software to work to assist the end user in making appropriate business decisions. These people may use more application software such as a database or spreadsheet.

Management Information Systems

Oklahoma State University

Management Information Systems focuses on business applications of computing, including analysis, development, implementation, evaluation, and management. This degree is also in the College of Business. The major prepares students for professional careers as MIS professionals with an emphasis on both breadth and depth. Both applications of information technology and understanding of data communication and information flows among the functional areas of business are emphasized. The continuing integration of the computer and information technology in all aspects of business and the critical need for responsive management information systems has created a strong demand for graduates with expertise in both information systems and business administration.

The first two years of study involve foundations coursework in mathematics, statistics, and computer science as well as English, accounting, economics, psychology and other courses intended to develop a broad educational background. The junior and senior years focus on specialized courses in information systems and computer applications in business, including programming, database management, expert and decision support systems, systems analysis and design, data communications, management science methods, enterprise resource planning and electronic commerce. The balanced coverage of both technical and business topics prepares MIS graduates to understand the information needs required for complex decisions and organizations for which information systems are developed, and to create value for their organizations.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Oklahoma State University

The undergraduate Electrical and Computer Engineering program at Oklahoma State University prepares each graduate for a life-long professional career. It is offered in the College of Engineering. During the first two years, students complete a carefully designed pre-engineering program consisting of mathematics, physical sciences, engineering sciences, and selected courses in the humanities and social sciences. During the final two years of the program, each student concentrates his or her study on electrical and computer engineering subjects and can elect from the following areas: computer engineering, electronics, energy systems, communications, control systems, electromagnetics, solid state devices, optics, and network theory/signal processing. Specific elective courses must be selected to assure that the design experience is integrated throughout the curriculum. The design experience is integrated throughout the program, leading to two major design courses at the senior level.

A special program option in computer engineering is offered by the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. This option is design for students with a strong interest in computers and design to gain a full understanding of both the electronic hardware and the programming software aspects of modern computer systems.

Electronics Technology with Computer Emphasis

Oklahoma State University

Electronics Technology differs from the engineering degree in that technologists and technicians are concerned with the accomplishment of practical objectives through the application of proven techniques, methods, and procedures. They are specialists in the state-of-the-art methodology rather than the original and creative design and development of engineers.

This degree is in the Divison of Electrical Engineering Technology.

Engineering technology includes that group of technical occupations directly related to engineering in which one utilizes both technical knowledge and manual skills to develop the concepts and plans of engineers. This degree is more application oriented with more emphasis on laboratory skills.

Students in this degree will have courses from Computer Science. These students find jobs in automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence, design draftsman, quality control technologist.

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