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csx0 issues resolved

Tue Nov 13 09:11:56 2018
The issues with csx0 have been resolved and it is as of this writing reachable as normal. Thank you for your patience.

csx0 network issues

Mon Nov 12 11:25:15 2018
csx0 is as of this writing unreachable from off-campus via the VPN, as well as being unable to reach off-campus sites itself. IT has been informed; in the meantime students may need to be advised to use other CSX nodes.

Downtime: CSX4 and CSX5

Fri Jul 27 14:03:16 2018
Greetings, With the remaining summer weeks becoming few, the final two CSX user nodes to be upgraded need to be taken down for that very purpose. That being the case, these two servers will be unavailable on roughly the following schedule: CSX4 -- down on Monday, July 30 from approximately 3pm to 5pm CSX5 -- down on Tuesday, July 31 from approximately 3pm to 5pm Please plan accordingly. Thank you for your patience, Russ

Downtime for Servers on May 17

Fri May 4 10:18:20 2018
All CSX and CSH/hadoop servers will be taken down for routine maintenance and hardware installation on Thursday, May 17 2018. The downtime will begin in the morning and should be expected to last until the end of the work day, although it is possible some or all servers may return before then. Please plan accordingly and thanks for your patience.

Brief CSX outages this afternoon

Fri Jan 5 11:37:04 2018
You may have read about the so-called Meltdown Intel vulnerability; the short form is that kernel updates are crucial at this time and while many have been done in ways that didn't really impact anyone, a couple need to be done this afternoon that briefly will. csy and csx2 will both be rebooted around 5:00pm this afternoon, Friday, January 5. During the reboot of csy, any machine that depends on it for files, printing, or authentication will be impacted, including CSX nodes, the 222 iMacs, plus our department web, mail and sql servers. It is difficult to entirely predict the length of the downtime due to potential file system checks -- it could be only a few minutes but it could be substantially longer. csx2 will probably be rebooted first as it doesn't take very long, but of course it too will be unusable once csy is down until that returns. Sorry for the short notice, but better that this get done now.

Schedule of CSX Node Reinstalls

Tue Jan 2 16:36:07 2018
Most of the CSX nodes have been reinstalled with Fedora 26 already, but a few still need to be done but I haven't found a moment in which they have been unused. That being the case, I'm just scheduling the remaining three and am asking you, if you're logged into one of the machines, to please switch to one of the others at least during the afternoons listed: Wednesday, January 3: csx1 Thursday, January 4: csx4 Friday, January 5: csx5 Each will be down for a while during the afternoon -- I will give some advanced warning via the shutdown command, but again, I suggest just using a different node on those days. Once these are done all CSX nodes will be running Fedora 26. Differences should be pretty minimal in practice.

scheduled downtime: August 10

Thu Aug 3 11:41:56 2017
As often happens between semesters, we will be taking a day of downtime for all CSX-related systems and services in which to do some maintenance and installation work that cannot be done during normal operations, as well as to give the servers a clean reboot before the fall semester begins. Please plan for these systems and services to be unavailable starting the morning of Thursday, August 10, through the end of the business day. As always, it is possible they will be back earlier, but it is best to plan for later and be pleasantly surprised than the other way around. As a reminder, the affected services are not only access to the CSX nodes, but also email, web and database services and logins to the Mac lab in MSCS 222. Also, the nodes csx0, csx1 and csx2 will take longer to return than the rest, as they are being replaced with new hardware as part of the work and operating system and software installation will take some further time; we anticipate them being available later the same day, but if they are not, please use one of the other seven nodes. Thank you for your patience as we prepare for a new fall semester.

Possible Service Interruption on July 31

Tue Jul 25 08:45:00 2017
In order to switch to new hardware (and upgraded software) on the file, authentication and print server for CSX, there will necessarily be a brief period on Monday, July 31 during which neither the old nor new such server will be accessible, and there is likely to be some temporary unusual behavior as the NFS (Network File System) clients with files open have to make new connections to the new server. We intend to make the changeover probably shortly after the end of the business day on, again, July 31. We apologize for any inconvenience, hopefully very brief if any, and look forward to a much-needed refresh of this critical system.

and now it's csx3's turn

Fri Jul 14 15:23:48 2017
Now that csx4 is upgraded, it's time to put csx3 on the schedule. So: We plan to upgrade csx3 the afternoon of Thursday, July 20. csx3 and only csx3 will therefore be inaccessible for a couple or three hours in the afternoon, during which time you are welcome to use the other nodes. Please remember that csx0-2 have not yet been upgraded to Fedora 25, but the others have. (csx0 through csx2 will new hardware later this summer. Watch for details later.) Getting closer to done all the time! Thanks again for your patience.

scheduled downtime for csx4

Thu Jul 6 16:12:51 2017
As of this writing, the reinstallation of csx5 is done. Enjoy! Therefore, no time like the present to schedule reinstalling csx4. So I would like to do that the afternoon of Thursday, July 13 -- one week from today. csx4 and only csx4 is then scheduled to be done for a couple or three hours in the afternoon; the other nodes will be available. csx3 will get a similar downtime at a date to be named later. (The remaining nodes, csx0 through csx2, are getting hardware replaced and so that'll be its own thing. Watch this space.) Once again: csx5 done, csx4 to be reinstalled the afternoon of Thursday, July 13, 2017. Thanks for your patience.
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